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About us

The Bustard Inn is owned by the charitable incorporated organisation Gul Outdoor Therapy. The Bustard Tea Rooms is intrinsically linked to the charities provision. For more details about Gul Outoor Therapy please visit it's own website.

Salisbury Plain & Stonehenge

Salisbury Plain is Northern Europe's largest unimproved chalk grassland and the United Kingdom's largest military training area. Combine these two factors and you have over 300 sq. kilometres of unique views, rare wildlife, military and ancient history. So whilst frequently the byways are open for people to explore, occasionally we have to content ourselves by simply listening out for the activities, whether birds, beasts or humans.

Stonehenge is a World Heritage Site and the best known prehistoric monument in Europe, from the Neolithic era, and is less than 2 miles from our front door.


The Bustards

The bustard is the world's heaviest flying bird, that was hunted to national extinction in the 19th century. A fully grown male is over 1 metre tall, and has a wingspan of over 2 metres! This magnificent bird has now been reintroduced on Salisbury Plain, and can sometimes be seen near by, especially from the backseat of a Salisbury Plain Safari, run by our partner.

History of The Bustard Inn

There has been a building on this site for some 400 years and the original farmhouse part if the building is made of traditional Wiltshire cob. Over the year’s additional bits have been added on in various styles including the coach entrance and a large upstairs room which was built on for the expected visit of Queen Victoria as she visited the troops stationed here in the Boer War. 

The main part of the current tea rooms was stables and much of the current car park too, from its coaching inn days as we are situated half way between Salisbury and Devizes on the old coach road.

At times 40 horses could be stabled here, and the farrier lived in the cottages opposite. Stories of secret tunnels and highwayman are rife, but unproven!

The inn has a display of pictures through the ages and the original painting of the Starkey family playing croquet on the lawn in 1864.

During both World Wars the bustard was used as an officer’s mess and we have a display of military shields donated by various military units over the years.

The story of Winnie the Pooh started near here on the Plain and Dickens himself supposedly enjoyed staying here whilst writing one of his novels.

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